SUP California


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SUP California is an online and physical retail store in Folsom, California, founded by Jaime Caluya-Johnson, an Aussie transplant and paddleboard (SUP) enthusiast who saw the need for an underserved market. We created an identity system that reflects the energy and of this relatively new sport while giving it a modern face.


Stand Up Paddleboard tends to get lumped in with the surf genre, and our challenge was to find a way to represent SUP California as a distinct activity (paddling vs riding waves) and geography (lakes and mountains instead of oceans and beaches).

The desire was to capture the youthful side of this emerging market - the resulting identity does that by virtue of its boldness and simplicity. By shortening the name in the logo, we were able to create both a verbal and visual abbreviation that fits the casual and fun personality of the brand.

“I could not be happier with the outcome. Working with Stack was easy and inspiring, as they brought new ideas to the table. Leo took the time to understand my vision and direction, he wrapped it in a stylish package that I still get comments on every day.”

Jaime Caluya-Johnson /Owner & Founder