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Second Nature is a start-up company with a big idea and a strong vision. The natural healing of CBD has been well recognized in medicine and natural health. Second Nature wanted to create a new line of wellness products that infused CBD with herbs that have shown to have specific benefits to certain ailments. The company has a clear vision for the brand, it should come across as a modern, approachable and quality conscious with homage to the company’s root of the West Coast vibe. The overall brand should be a blend of natural health and medical science.


We love the big idea, and we love working with start-up organizations that dream big. The challenge of starting a brand from the beginning, to establish a position and voice and having that echo through visual storytelling is what excites our team. We are proud of the work we put together for the Second Nature’s brand and our client is ecstatic with the overall direction.

The brand also carried positive messages throughout the packaging to connect and remind the end-user to think positively, live boldly and carve their own path to happiness.

“The Stack team was really thorough in getting to know our vision, philosophy and business model from the start. What they’ve created is beyond our expectations, a beautiful and meaningful brand that we’re proud to launch. It speaks to our core beliefs and stands apart from anything existing in the health and wellness industry.”

Todd Eberton / Second Nature