Modern Matcha


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The Modern Matcha concept was developed as a place to immerse oneself in the rich tradition of matcha, an ancient traditional beverage from Japan made from green tea powder. Today, authentic matcha is of Japanese origin only, due to their exacting standards for matcha cultivation and manufacture. Modern Matcha brings a modern touch especially tailored for North American audiences.


The logo design was developed from the geometric pattern in the traditional matcha grinding stone and discovering the name of the company inherent within it. This inspiration became an effective way to communicate both the old and the new, east and west.

From this pattern came not only the symbol for the logo, but also a proprietary pattern that along with the green colour palette, is used throughout the brand and across all channels, including packaging, uniforms, collateral, and user interface.

“The logo inspiration came one day by viewing a matcha stone mill and discovering the letterforms of the name were naturally embedded within the ancient patterns on the wheel. As a result, the identity for Modern Matcha embodies both the old and new, east and west.”

Leo Raymundo / Creative Director