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Korn Ferry is a management consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, with 106 offices in 52 countries. Every year, Korn Ferry Canada publishes a book report on Corporate Board Governance and Director Compensation in Canada in both English and French. The report focuses on commentary and observations on critical issues facing corporate leaders. Tables and graphs compare data collected over the last five years from the 300 largest Canadian public companies. A summary comparison of the key governance structure and director compensation in these companies is produced. Korn Ferry Canada stayed within the established corporate brand guideline, while utilizing a Canadian flavour and voice for the book reports.


Our creative team went through the process of breaking down the corporate brand, identifying strong elements to lead the book and re-stacking other elements in a new and fresh way.

We strategically selected areas of the report to stay on brand and areas where we could inject the Canadian personality and voice to engage with our geographic audience. Our goal was to exceed the expectations from the master brand level and add value and uniqueness to the Canadian content.

“Korn Ferry is an international brand that has gone through three major re-branding exercises over the ten years we’ve been working on the reports. Our challenge with each report is to stay within the established brand and at the same time, inject Canadian values, voice and personality.”

Matt Littledale / President