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Genus Capital Management is an independent investment management firm based in Vancouver. Genus utilizes data technology to gain investment insights. The company is at the forefront of the fossil-free investment movement. Operating in a crowded investment field, Genus needed to update their brand, leveraging on their leadership of data technology and the fossil-free approach. The challenge is to stand out but not shouting, differentiate but not lose trust with investors.


Stack created a new brand to align with the Genus philosophy and vision. We chose visuals and messaging carefully and with purpose, so the brand is confident, stands out, and is aligned with today’s investors.

Our brand speaks to today’s savvy yet ethically conscious investors. The website and advertising educates institutional investors and questions their current portfolio by showing a better and cleaner way to invest.

“The logomark is simple yet represents multiple meanings: from the upward arrow for growth to a framing device, it emphasizes a focussed solution with pixelation that speaks to innovation and data technology. The overall logo exudes positive momentum and focused thinking.”

Si Huynh / Principal