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Chuck A Fish Charters is a new local business offering scenic fishing trips. Rising with the sun for a day trip or planning a week away in the uninhabited waters of Bella Bella, Chuck A Fish Charters provides a once in a lifetime experience. From humpback whales to a potential glimpse of the rare Kermode Spirit Bear, each trip offers the promise of nature untouched. Being a new charter business posed a brand challenge to stand apart in a sea of many.


Stack designed a West Coast inspired illustrative logo mark that embodies the tagline, “Where you catch so many fish you’ll be “Chukin Em Back”! Inspired by the Captain, Stack captured his essence to bring a seaworthy captain to life.

The whole identity system brings freshness and energy to an emerging brand.

“Stack must have been fishermen themselves and mind readers, because I’m hooked on the brand that they came up with. Overall they really capture and spirit and energy of my operation.”

Doug Drinkwater / Owner & Founder