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Capital West is an independent corporate finance advisory firm with IMAP partnership to offer global reach. The company specializes in serving companies involved with mergers and acquisitions. Capital West’s expertise in the field is unmatched and they guide their clients through all the stages of the M&A deals. The company was growing and looking to refresh their brand and website to reflect the change.


Stack came up with a new brand that parallels with Capital West’s core offering. We used the visual metaphor of mountaineering to convey the difficult landscape of M&A. With the guide of the Capital West team, the entire process can lead to a successful outcome for their clients.

The new brand lets Capital West stand out from the usual business handshake approach, bringing dynamic energy and storytelling to the forefront to engage with the target audience.

“The visual metaphor of mountaineering was a perfect fit for Capital West, and the concept was well received by our client and the target audience, it gave us a lot of flexibility in expanding the storytelling and the longevity of the brand.”

Matt Littledale / President